After having published the first blog article in German we thought it might make sense to write the next one in English. Why that? Of course we speak German at our events – still, we want to make sure that any initial language difficulties do not keep anyone away from participating at one of our future events.


What we do

Along the lines of “A plate from home” we organize convivial gatherings between German residents from Stuttgart and refugees – those who have left their country for whatever awful reason and who are now willing to become integrated in our society. Once a month we meet with around 30 people at the Little Italy, a small, cosy restaurant in Stuttgart Süd. The basic idea behind this is to literally bring together Germans and refugees around one table and to have traditional food from the different countries of origin.


Why we do it

Giving German lessons for the Freundeskreis Stuttgart Süd we noticed that many of the people who are new to Germany find it difficult to actually get into contact with Germans outside their homes. This is why we reflected on what could be both an effective and pleasant way to overcome this problem. We thought that there couldn’t be any better ‘common denominator’ than simply having some good food together.



The German National Academic Foundation had a call for projects aimed at financially supporting their scholars who want to support integration in Germany. After having presented our idea we got the great opportunity to organize our set of events without having to care too much about the financing. Since the aim is to offer participation free of charge this was of particular importance for us. For further information just refer to



Our events always take place once on Monday once a month at around 18:30. The exact dates are communicated around 2 weeks ahead both on the website of Freundeskreis Stuttgart Süd and on Facebook Just send us a mail if you are willing to participate at – also, feel free to reach out if you have any comments, ideas or questions.


Julius Niehaus & Georg Ulrich